Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Girl:  "Happy 46th monthsary.. I can feel that your leaving soon and i wanna thank you for all those wonderful memories we've shared.. Thank you for being my own angel from the very beginning. I love you so much.. More than you'll ever know.. Remember me always.."

Guy:   "Happy monthsary dn poh! Love you.. Wag mo isipin na pagkagrad ko maghihiwalay na tayo. Instead, think of it as a phase in our relationship wherein we have to face where we got to be then from there, we'll pick up where we left off."

Girl:  "I'm not that strong.."

Guy:  "Think I'm strong?"

Girl:   "You've been through a lot.. I know you are."

Guy:  "We make each other stronger.. We draw our strength from each other.. We just have to make sacrifices."

Girl:   "I know.. But we both know, deep down, that long distance relationship does not actually work out fine."

Guy:  "I've been through shit a lot of worse than this and I don't think distance is gonna keep me away from what I want in life."

Girl:   "And I hate it when people who are important to me leaves.. But I want you to know that when that time comes, I'm not gonna hold you back.. I don't want to be a hindrance to your happiness.. I just want you to promise me that you'll always remember me.. Even if I'm not the one."

Friday, May 14, 2010

My May Heartbreak

Tomorrow makes me think of the most important person in my life whom I lost 3 years ago. It makes my heart bleed as if I had been stabbed and that my life was taken away from me in an instant. But the most painful thing is that I am still alive to feel the hurt and sorrow of losing you. It makes me teary-eyed wondrin' what you look like right now and how happy i would be if you were here beside me.. kissing and embracing me lovingly.. making me as your number ONE woman in your life.

Still, no matter how much I long for you to be back, time can't turn its hands back. And now all I have are short vague memories of you. But knowing that you came and was part of my whole existence for a while, makes me smile and say "Thank you for crossing my way.." I miss you baby.. My angel and blessing in disguise..

Notebook Archive 2

I've been trying to say the right words to you, but it just wouldn't come out right.  I tried to make things perfect, but it just couldn't...'Coz every time I do, I'd still make another mistake that may or may not change everything.

Still, giving up was never an option. Moving forward is the only direction we must take. 'Coz tomorrow is a new day, bound to correct the mistakes of yesterday.. To live with it and learn from it.

Notebook Archive 1

There are things in life that you can't control...and things that you can. It just depends on the choices you make. Sometimes, you choose the things that will make your love ones happy..and other times, you go for the things that will make YOU happy. Either way, consequences are at the end every road.

Life is definitely a big roller coaster ride. It will have its loops and curves. But a friend once told said, just enjoy the ride. Go with the flow. 'Cause when it's done, a smile will surely be planted on your lips and will make you say that it was worth being scared out of your wits..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tropa Noon.. Hanggang Ngayon..

--See girl we used to be a team
Running the streets
Ya we was living out our dream, ohh
You used to be my rider
I was your provider--

Halata bang sobra tayong gala? Simula noon, hanggang ngayon.. Saan man mapadpad.. At kahit anong oras man, go pah rin.. Halo-halong trip.. kain.. yosi.. kape.. kain ulit.. yosi ulit.. lakad.. hahaha! parang walang paki-alam sa mundo.. Basta magkasama, sakto na ang trip na toh..

--Now we separated in two
Oh when we was burning up the block
And everybody know when we step in the spot, ohh
See, we was like the dynamic duo
Id never thought that youd go , but you did
You did--

Sino nga bah una nang-iwan? haha! bangayan na toh.. pero kung sino man, ayos lang yun.. di naman siguro natin masisisi ang isa't isa kung bakit nagkaganon.. May kanya-kanya pah rin tayong buhay.. 

Nakakatawang isip na dati, akala ng mga tao na tayo nga... "Dynamic Dou" ika nga ng kanta.. kaso hindi eh.. tropa kung tropa.. walang taluhan.. un ang motto ng mga grupong puro lalake... One of the boys na nga ako... kaya wala ng babae sa mga magkakaibigan..

--You was the beat onto my top line
Put us together
And you offered it the rewind
See, you give me a purpose
Now I'm getting nervous
That my heart will never sing again--

rewind daw... parang replay.. ulitin ang panahon.. para masabi ang mga dapat sabihin.. gawin ang mga dapat gawin.. pero kahit ano pang gustong mangyari, hindi na pweden maulit ang dati.. 

Ngayon, muling nagkalapit.. Iba na ang pananaw sa mga bagay na dati ang walang kabuluhan.. Nagkaroon na ng kaliwanagan..

--Cuz I was so high
And now I'm so low
And I dont wanna walk around alone, solo
I said I dont want to walk this earth
If I gotta do it solo (solo, solo)--

Ang dami na nating napagdaanan.. At kahit nagkalayo man, di pah rin nagkalimutan.. Kaya ngayon, eto lang masasabi ko.. wag mo ko iwan ha? kahit ano man ang mangyari.. tropa noon.. hanggang ngayon.. :D


Here i am.. In the stillness of the night.. trying to make my way out of this prison cell.. Unguarded.. Ever so quietly walking so close to the cell bars.. Not making any sound.. The prison guard is fast asleep..

ALAS!! i have escaped.. free to roam under the night sky.. To be magically drifted to a place where an escaped convict is waiting.. To be partners in crime repeatedly..

Time pass by so quickly.. Its 3am.. Time to end all misfits.. and return to the lonely cell unnoticed.. As if i haven't gone anywhere..

Re-entering my cell is more difficult.. Footsteps.. Chimes.. Lock.. Clock.. I am back inside!! Not a trace of evidence..

I have completed my task.. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE made POSSIBLE...

CoFFee, PRiNGLeS, NeSTea and RePLaY

Bakit kaya nauso ang kape? Yung tipong ginagawa na tong rason para lang magkita ang mga magkakaibigan.. Gaya ng linyang "Let's talk things over coffee." or "Saan ka? Wala kong magawa.. Kape tayo." Nakaka-aliw isipin na ng dahil sa kape, magkakaroon kayo ng panahon na mapag-usapan ang mga bagay-bagay sa mundo, makabuluhan man o hindi.. Basta nandyan ang kaibigan at ang kape.

"Once you pop, you can't stop." Eto ang famous tag line ng Pringles. Totoo nga naman, di mo na matatantanan pagnasimulan mo ng kainin. Pero mas nakatatak sa aking isipan ang ad nito sa TV. Mga magbabarkadang nagkakatuwaan habang kumakain ng Pringles. Masarap isipin na pag nandyan ang barkada, kahit saan at kahit ano pah ang trip, ok pah sa alright basta't magkakasama.

"Take the plunge." Bakit di na lang din ganon ang motto ng mga tao? Yung willing sila to take the risk sa mga bagay na di nila tiyak kung ano ang kahihinatnan subalit gusto pah rin nilang subukan para malaman kung ano ang mangyayari. Sana nga ganito na lang, para walang "what ifs" sa mundo. Walang regrets.

Bagong kanta toh! Pero minsan naisip ko, kung pwede lang sana mareplay ang buhay para may magbago naman kahit maliit lang. Para wala yung panghihinayang sa mga bagay na di nagawa o nasabi. Yung masasabi mong "Eto yung tamang gawin. Di ko to pagsisisihan sa huli.."

Magulo noh? Pero eto ang combo ng buhay ko.. Masaya, malungkot, magulo. Pero ayos lang. Basta ba't nandyan ang COFFEE, PRINGLES, NESTEA para busugin ako at musikang REPLAY para aliwin ako, ayos na ang trip.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Earlier this afternoon, we were called in for another briefing.. This time, it was something I am sure that I know.. Glasses and equipments used in the hotel's restaurant..

I noticed during the briefing that even most of the permanent waiters and waitresses in the hotel are not familiar with all the glasses presented in front of us. And i know a LOT more than my co-trainees who comes from a known HM college here in Malaysia (not that im boasting or just saying the truth). It made me realize how lucky I am to have my education in the Philippines.

In our school, we are taught with almost everything and anything that an HM student should know. Bits and pieces of lectures from the tiniest detail to the most grandeur.

With this, I came to the conclusion that education in our country is WAY BETTER compared here..

Sunday, February 7, 2010

LaNGuaGe BaRRieR?

I have been here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the past 8 days.. And i have found out that though this country has diversified cultures and other local dialects, English is still not the most common thing for them.

Even if they have many tourists everyday roaming in and out around the city, sometimes, they have this so-called language barriers between the Malays and the foreigners..

I asked one taxi drivers why this is so.. He said that the mode of teaching in their schools is Bahasa Malay.. Which i found very patriotic unlike in our country where we use English and take Filipino as a subject only.. Is this because English is the language most widely use when people do out of our country? Or is it because we, Filipinos, look up to the Americans? Whatever the reason may be, I still am proud to be called a Filipina.. :D

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Part 1
Salamat Sa Magikero

Sa isang pagsasalo-salo ng mga bloggers sa Gensan, may lumapit na isang magikero sa grupo naming magkakaibigan. Nakipagkilala at nagkwento ng kaunti. Pinakitaan nya ng simple tricks ang mga batang kasama ko: coin na nahuhulog pataas, at iba’t iba pang coin tricks na napanood ko na sa Exposed. Saydang namangha ang mga kasama ko sa mga pinapakita nyang tricks habang ako naman ay patuloy na kumakain ng aking hapunan (tapos na silang maghapunan kaya ako na lang).

Nang natapos ang show ni Mamang Magikero, binigyan nya kami ng kanyang calling card. Subalit ng iaabot na nya dapat ang para sakin, nagpakitang gilas muli si Mamang Magikero at binali-baliktad ang calling card nyang animo’y walang sulat. Subalit nagulat na lamang sya ng sinabi kong “Alam kong nasa likod ang printa nyan”. Laking taka nya ng sabihin ko ito at tama nga naman ako. Akala nyang mabilis na ang kanyang kamay, ngunit mas matalas ang aking mata (o sadyang nakita ko na ang trick na iyon o nabasa sa isang libro). Sabi ko nga sa kanya “It’s all in the hands.” Papakitaan nya pa sana ako ng isa pang trick subalit kami ay paalis na (SAYANG!!)
Ilang oras ang nakalipas at nakachat ko sya sa facebook. Usap-usap ng konte hanggang sa naabot sa pagbo-blog an aming usapan. At para sa kaalaman ng lahat, OO! Blogger xa!
Hindi ko makakalimutan ang sabi nya “Blog about anything that you feel and think”. Ganda ng advice! At eto na nga. After 48 years na di nakapagpost, ayan! Meron na ulit.
Laking salamat ko sa Mamang Magikero na nag-udyok sa akin upang gawin ang blog post na ‘to. Ang kung sisipagin, may magiging mga kasunod pah. Salamat sa iyo Mamang Magikero at naimulat mo ako sa kagandahan ng blogging. Samantalang bigo naman ako sa pag-eengganyo sa iyo na magPlurk na rin para join ka na sa Plurk Fiesta!
Hindi lamang si Mamang Magikero ang nag-uudyok sakin para magsulat. Madami na sila. Gaya na lamang ng aking nag-iisang Ganda-Ever-So-Much nanay-nanayan! Sabi nya, may “potential” DAW ako. Nandyan din ang isang sikat na isda sa ating lungsod, si Bariles na habang lumalangoy sa karagatan ng kasiyahan at tagumpay ay nagbigay ng oras para basahin ang aking mga maiksing artikulo. At sa iba pang may paniniwala na may “potential” nga ako, salamat sa pagpupursigeng engganyuhin akong magsulat ng kung anu-ano, salamat sa inyo.
Part 2
Kulelat Ako
Sa puntong ito, malamang nababagot na kayo sa kakabasa at ako naman ay nalilito kung bakit sa pagkakataong ito, sa wikang Filipino ang entry ko. Sadyang di ko mawari na kaya ko pala magsulat ng isang litanya sa Tagalog.

Ngayon ko lamang napansin na katabi ko pala ang libro ni Bob Ong na “Bakit Baliktad Magbasa Ng Libro Ang Mga Pinoy?” Malamang ito ang naging impluwensya ko sa pagsulat sa wikang Filipino kasi katatapos ko lang itong basahin.
Aminado naman akong sablay ako sa pagdating sa ating sariling wika. Akalain mo ba namang 75 ang final grade ko sa Filipino nung ako’y unang tumapak sa kolehiyo? Samantalang ang English ko naman ay tumataginting na 90. Hindi kaya Americana ako sa aking past life?
Malamang nakokonsensya lang ako sa mga nailathala (malalim yan) sa librong iyon kaya wikang Filipino ang gamit ko ngayon. Masakit man aminin, ngunit halos lahat ng kapintasan ng Pinoy ay naisulat at nailarawan ng maayos ng manunulat. At sa pagkakataong ito, aaminin ko sa inyong lahat, KULELAT AKO!